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Moonrise Kingdom Pantone Color Palette

Wes Anderson palettes

Twitter account Cinema Palettes takes screenshots from classic films and translates them to ten-part color palettes. Though based on a momentary still, each spectrum of shades seems to encapsulate its movie’s overall mood: the somber, otherworldly blues of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the dreamlike pinks and purples of The Grand Budapest Hotel, …

Josef Hoffmann Residential Interiors | Decoration As Composition

Garderobe, Stasi Headquarters

Somewhere I would like to live: Living in Antwerp

Музей-ресторан «Квартира Времени», интерьер 80-х

Дом Федора Шаляпина в Петербурге. Столовая. На стенах — фотографии Федора Шаляпина и картины его друзей, в том числе Констан­тина Коровина.

Russian Decoration Style in Movie Interiors |