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an open book with a black and white image of a stethoscope on it
some type of black and white drawing with different words on the bottom right hand corner
newspaper blackout poems
an old book page with black and white lines on the bottom, and text below it
a drawing of a cat with lots of balls on it
aesthetic pictures/ wallpapers
an old book page with some type of writing on the pages and words written in different languages
an abstract drawing with lots of lines and shapes on it's sides, including the letters
a painting with words written on it and an image of mountains in the sky above
a drawing of an umbrella with the words xiii written in english and chinese on it
an open book with black ink on it
Teach This Lesson Tomorrow - Blackout Poetry
an altered book page with some words and hearts on it, as well as the word love
an abstract drawing with words on it
Blackout Poetry in the Classroom
an image of some type of art with blue and white swirls on the bottom
4 easy ways to integrate art into poetry