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the lion and cub are laying down together
Fundo de Tela dos Signos para Celular
the lion and the mouse from disney's live - action movie
“Der König der Löwen”: Alle Infos zum Remake! – Margeordifilm
"Der König der Löwen": Alle Infos zum Remake!
lady and the tramp sleeping in grass
Disney ♡ Lady and Tramp
Disney ♡ Lady and Tramp
the princess and the frog kissing each other
Per San Valentino i baci più belli della Disney
per san valentino i baci piu belli della disney
disney's princess and the frog kissing in front of some water with stars in the sky
Day 15, favorite romantic moment: Aladdin and Jasmine singing A Whole New World on the flying carpet :)
two people hugging each other in front of a pink sky
the lady and the tramp is laying down in the grass next to each other
♡ ouiouimaggie
It was just a kiss...
a man and woman sitting under a tree looking at each other's back ends
• Disney Phone Wallpaper •
Aurora and Phillip Phone Wallpaper • Lock Screen {Sleeping Beauty, Disney}