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Segis Stars

You will be delighted to discover more about our Stars. Top Segis furniture: Breeze, Uno, Poppy Star, Highway and Dragonfly. Chairs and soft seatings from the best of our collections, with more details and stories.
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#Uno's glamour remains even when stacked. The research 606 project Segis is inspired by nature which perfectly protects the living organism thanks to the epidermis or outer skin that protects our body. A research by Fauciglietti Engineering and Bartoli Design.

Breeze Armchair - Outdoor / Satined alu Satined alu - Mint by Segis - Design…

SEGIS - poppystar

h a n d i c k e on

It's not all that easy to find this particular jeans-version of our #Breeze.

This is #Breeze, our icon. As Carlo Bartoli said, a "minimal use of material, a maximum structural strenght and an extreme formal synthesis". Breeze is part of the Collection of @Vitra Design Furniture #Segis #Segisdesign #italiandesign #BartoliDesign #sketch #makingof #handmade #chairs #furniture

Poppy Star chairs by the pool: funny but also comfortable. The frame is made possible through the use of the latest generation of ‘’air moulding’’ technology. More on:

#Highway, created by #Bartoli Design, is a combinable suite of #lounge #furniture. It can function as a tactile climbing structure for kids and as a resting spot for adults. It introduces people to the space, where they feel at home.

A special combination: Segis, Bartoli Design, Fauciglietti Engineering and... a really special Compasso d'Oro Award. Uno is this and much more.

Nature is often our muse. Odo Fioravanti was inspired by real dragonflies to design the chair that satisfy both aesthetic and technical requirements: #Dragonfly.

Top Segis furniture: Breeze, Uno, PoppyStar, Highway and Dragonfly.