The Hobbit

"Sometimes the best of stories need a little exaggeration." - Gandalf
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Sounds like he has some beef with Bilbo


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a tweet that reads, why did gandiff bring a firework that suddenly transforms into a dragon to an elderly dragon attack survivor's birthday?
Troll Deluxe
Sounds like he has some beef with Bilbo
two different types of words in the same language, one with an emoticive expression
The Hobbit
a bunch of kittens hanging upside down in front of a door with the caption, i can't hold them back much longer
Oh no…
Funny Lotr, Helms Deep, Sweet Time, Weird Stories
a man with long hair wearing a suit and tie on the set of tonight show
the tweet is posted to someone on their cell phone, and it looks like they
King of Broken Things
an image of some people in costume and one is talking to each other with the caption
Lotr meme from reddit