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a desk lamp with a white shade on it's head and one arm extended
The essentials: 20 of the best lights
three desk lamps with one light on each side and the other on top of it
tolomeo. the top-selling desk lamp in the world. read the article on
a white desk lamp with a grey shade on the top and one light on the bottom
a kitchen with green walls and shelves filled with red dishes, cups, and utensils
Зеленый, салатовый интерьер и его сочетание | LOOKCOLOR
three lamps sitting on top of a table with one light turned on and the other off
La lámpara Tolomeo es un clásico con más de veinte años de edad por el que no pasa el tiempo. Diseñada por Michelle de Lucchi y Giancarlo Fassina y producida por la firma Artemide
a desk lamp sitting on top of a table
Tolomeo | Tolomeo Mini Wall Lamp | Architonic
a desk lamp with a dim light on it's head and one arm in the air
Tolomeo Mini Tavolo Artemide | Prediger
a desk lamp with a black cord attached to the arm and one light on it
Tolomeo LED Table Lamp Without Presence Detector, desk fixed support
Base and cantilevered arms: polished aluminium Diffuser: matt anodised aluminium Joints and supports: polished aluminium. System of spring balancing.
a desk lamp with a black cord attached to it's side and a white background
Tolomeo LED Table Lamp with Tunable White desk fixed support
Tolomeo Tunable White combines the advantages of LED technology with those of Tunable White technology, enabling numerous variations of white light to be obtained, with different intensities and varieties of colour temperature, with a range from 3,200K (warm light) to 10,000K (cold light). Colours: Amber, White and Blue