A very delicious brooding Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair 10 Socialite Life

10 25 Stylish Hot Guys In Stripes Jamie Dornan Blazer Leather Gloves Mens Style Via Hugo Boss


Single moms need gigolos

AMERICAN GIGOLO – Richard Gere in his crisp Armani suits brings in the boom of power dressing!

Richard Gere in American Gigilo!!!!

Richard Gere: There is only one thing more famous about this actor than the scene in 'American Gigolo' where he does crunches in his gravity boots.

Robert Redford

A handsome young Robert Redford. Damn, what a smile


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Leonardo DiCaprio

7 Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Proves Green is Sexy

Leonardo di Caprio, the sexiest man alive.

pharell <3

Gosh, I love this little man


Robert Pattinson - just because I ♥ Edward Cullen when I'm reading Twilight Saga.