Serena Marotta

Serena Marotta

Metà delle persone che conosco mi odia, e l'altra metà ancora non mi conosce abbastanza.
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Hunger is a monster by Platige Image

drawings of dragons | Balanced Dragons by ~CryFenril on deviantART - i want this but with cats

“I came for Void Stiles.”

Teen Wolf Season 4

triskle teen wolf - Pesquisa Google

Teen wolf riddle: everyone has it but no one can lose it. What is it?

#TeenWolf #JordanParrish #Hellhound

Stiles' really gets to me, because he is the only person there that doesn't not have a special ability, only when he was void and that was evil. Stiles is such a warrior, and he never really gets credit for everything he does.

Scott (Tyler Posey) is my true alpha (~ ~)

Teen Wolf, HEEEELLLOOO fellow pinners, im making a Teen Wolf group board. PLEASE JOIN ME, and to do so feel free to comment!!!! :) xx