Teruel-zilla! – Underground Leisure Lair and Public Space

Half-submerged Culture and Leisure Centre in Teruel, Spain Teruel-zilla! by Arquitectos, and PKMN Architectures

Submerged public space, mentioned by our friends at the LowLine in NYC - powerful image! TERUEL-ZILLA!

A new underground space seeks to revitalize and foster urban activity, while reclaiming public space in a small Spanish city.

Miyashita Park

From of May to of July Atelier Bow-Wow will show at Aedes Forum in Berlin.

Bildergebnis für eisenman

The City of Culture is a new cultural center for the Province of Galicia in northwestern Spain. Its design evolves from the superposition of three sets of information. Read more in Arch Diary

Poster: The Playground Project | Kunsthalle Zürich

Poster: The Playground Project | Kunsthalle Zürich

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