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but i want to steal from you esme said. i want to steal from you the way beatrice stole from me.

I want to pin this for my research paper because it is a unique photo showing the subliminal messages media subconsciously tells us is beautiful every day. One phrase the woman is vomiting out is "the skinny life", because today skinny IS beautiful. The little words coming out of her mouth also appear to be magazine clippings, which is something I am using as a source for my paper. I think this photo gives my argument validation and I admire the underlying meaning behind it.

Word Vomit : Society's messages to women are sickening.The expectations, pressure, and drop in self esteem that is a result of the above. The society is feeding women with the wrong thoughts and it puts down their self esteem.

Blush is going to be huge this year in design!

Boa, Sixties and Zoulou are intense greens that bring out the personality of every room. Feminine and contemporary all in one. Ballerina and Diva create an intimate mood in an elegant and refined decorative style. green and pink interior home decor