I can't get enough of melted crayons! My new way of relaxing after putting Luke down to sleep: crayons through a hot glue gun onto canvas. The. Best.

Run crayons through a hot glue gun onto canvas. A design or letter would be cool too. (**Do NOT do this try the other glue gun crayon projects don't put the crayons in your gluegun! use the dryer with them glued to canvas)

What lake would you like these to be on?  Lovely...

I just THOUGHT I was into a rainbow of hair colors! a rainbow party Rainbow boats. hair color I love the color!

Birthday Wreath.

make this for a birthday party or kids room . one foam core wreath + balloons of your color choice = adorable!


Paint a elephant!Gorgeous Elephant colorfull painted for the Rajasthan Elephant festival in Jaipur, India the night for Holi Phagwa; I want to paint an elephant.


These beautiful ink and watercolour birds by Abby Diamond are on . Available as fine art prints. Abby Diamond is an illus.


Colorful balloons, a great idea for children's birthday parties! >>> Read this great tips about photography.

Color and color

Digication e-Portfolio :: W. Scott Russell by W. Scott Russell at NAEA. Some of my favorite grade art explorations!