I Draw Cute Illustrations While Having My Morning Coffee

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Since I started doing my sketches next to my morning coffee, I can no longer stop. Now I draw my tiny illustrations even when I go out to have coffee at the bar

Ilustraciones llenas de sabor que les abrirá el apetito para crear 07

Changing colors (part one) I love these little leaves and their slowly mutating colors.

Adorabili illustrazioni accompagnano il caffè del mattino di Cinzia Bolognesi

"I Draw Cute Illustrations While Having My Morning Coffee" // Cinzia Bolognesi

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Sorry friends, life calling these days. Have a wonderful Sunday :)

la luna nel cuore la notte nel sangue

«Playing with my morning coffee, dreaming about some fresh tiny breeze. Good morning to you all!

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On black sheet illustration while having her morning coffee by Cinzia Bolognesi