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Sometimes we come across something so wonderful, so magical, it truly is indescribable. I would have to place this astounding Miniature Mouse Tree House in that category. There's almost nothing you can say that will do it justice, Read the article and then go her her website to see even more pictures and how she did it.

Best dollhouse EVER! There is nothing cuter than teeny tiny things, with the exception of teeny tiny things IN A TREE. Maddie Chambers created this amazingly detailed and beautiful tree dollhouse she dubbed Mad’s Mouse House and it is something to see.

Dark Knight Revises: New Writer Revamps SCARECROW For New 52 | Batman

Batman: The Dark Knight Kicking off a major storyline pitting Batman against the most deadly version of the Scarecrow he's ever seen. This time, it isn't about fear--it's about terror!

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