Simone Lucidi

Simone Lucidi

Web developer passionate about startups that change people’s daily lives. I love music, I play guitar and I sell myself as a photographer. I also like movies.
Simone Lucidi
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#Google’s #investment arm has quietly bought the internet via The Next Web by Kirsty Styles

The company has already made around 55 investments this year, including in Lost My Name's Series A, Medium's Series B round and Slack's Series E.

Reducing Your #Bounce Rate To Help Boost Your #Conversion Rate, by @inboundrocket  #CRO

How sticky is your website? Reducing the bounce rate on pages that have the highest volume of traffic from your highest converting sources means more engaged visitors and a greater chance of conversion.

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Understanding the key ingredients to a healthy SEO recipe can be tough. A lot of factors are at play – and sometimes it feels like there are too many “cooks in the kitchen”.

“ABC: Always Be #Coding” by @davidbyttow  #coders #jobs

# x = number of companies interviewed with onsite # y = number of offers received value = 100 * log(x) * y / x

The Leaked #Financials Of 6 High-Flying #Unicorn #Companies via @cbinsights #startups

The Leaked Financials Of 6 High-Flying Unicorn Companies

You gotta read this! "43 lessons growing from $0 to $1+ million in revenue, twice" by @josephwalla #startups

We've learned a lot. Some lessons were painfully won, which is why I may sound strongly opinionated about them. They also may be slanted towards products, but I wouldn't discount them if you're not in that space.

#Tech titans form the Breakthrough #Energy Coalition to invest in zero-carbon energy technologies

Bill Gates appears in a video announcing the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Some of the world's wealthiest and most powerful individuals are forming a new