24 Yoga poses for beginners. Namaste :-). #yoga #meditation #health

24 Yoga Poses for Beginners

#Yoga-graphic : The Five Branches of Yoga [#Infographic] #fitness

The Five Branches of Yoga: Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. ~ Jason Crandell Since ancient times, yoga has been compared to a tree with different branches. These branches epitomize a unique as…

Do you need a quick boost of happiness? If so, hop on the mat and follow this 20-minute yoga essential flow. Forget your troubles, boost your energy and create a lighter, happier you! http://www.spotebi.com/yoga-sequences/happiness-boosting/

Happiness Boosting

Improve your range of motion increase circulation and calm your mind with this 10 minute, full body stretching flow workout.

Hmm... interesting. Which way do I want to go now?

La diferencia entre yoga y pilates en infografía

psicologia del colore nel web design

Psicologia del colore in un Infografica: guida per Web Designer

8 Yoga Mudras To Overcome Any Ailments!!

8 Yoga Mudras To Overcome Any Ailments!!

8 Yoga Mudras To Overcome Any Ailments! Yoga mudras are not only part of an exercise but a form of spiritual practice to improve you physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It doesn’t only refer to twisting

Coltiviamo i nostri talenti e saremo in sintonia con il nostro Sè. #yoga #benessere #chakra #equilibrio

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