Robert Mapplethorpe, Self-portrait,

In Focus: Robert Mapplethorpe. LACMA's "Robert Mapplethorpe: XYZ" displays Mapplethorpe's trademark black-and-white images divided into three categories: floral still-lifes, male nudes and gay S scenes.

tibor kalman

Colors magazine spread, Race issue Arnold Schwarzenegger & Spike Lee Race revervsal, July Designed by Tibor Kalman.

tibor kalman interview

A fabulous part is a character with a soul, who starts here and goes there." on the cover of our September 1990 issue

victor papanek

The Victor J. Papanek Lecture: Papanek Foundation The Victor J. Papanek Lecture takes place at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, in honour of the Viennese-born design thinker and critic Victor J.

gui bonsiepe - Pesquisa Google

gui bonsiepe - Pesquisa Google

tibor kalman chairman

Chairman Rolf Fehlbaum by Tibor Kalman

jasper morrison- artefacto de design

A Book of Things Published by Lars Müller in

jasper morrison puxador - Pesquisa Google

The FSB 1144 door handle is as pleasing to the eye as to the hand.

tibor kalman colors magazine

Colors magazine cover, Race issue, June Designed by Tibor Kalman, photographed by Oliviero Toscani.