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Cable drive 13b - YouTube

Input: The brown crank having oscillating rotational motion. The green crank has the same motion but of inverse direction. Two yellow wheel has oscillating r.

Caja horizontal

Caja horizontal

Cable telescopic frame - YouTube

This device enables mingling two kinds of parts in an alternate order. The red plane surfaces on the base are slanting outward to prevent the parts from casu.

For details see:

For details see:

Controlling 2 DoF of a series of objects - YouTube

Blue crank controls linear motions of pink plates via a scissor mechanism. Orange crank controls their 90 deg. rotation via a parallelogram mechanism.

Wire-cutting mechanism 3 - YouTube

Input: blue wheel carrying two reds cutters. Orange wire is moved by other motion source (not shown). The wire velocity and circular velocity of the cutters .

Folding bridge 3 - YouTube

It is an application of scissors mechanism. The bridge (for pedestrians) is stretched and contracted by two brown motors turning red bars. Black weights are .