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Composite material made from recycled waste leather and binders with a stone-like appearance. Through research and practical experimentation have developed two forms of material

RLEA1812 - MATREC Sustainable Materials & Trends

Composite material made of cellulose fibre from sustainably managed forests, reinforced with polypropylene. Designed for injection molding applications, it is used in the production of objects and furnishings.

NWOO1653 - MATREC Sustainable Materials & Trends

MATREC code: NWOL0763 Fabric made of wool and nylon. The texture of this pattern recalls the hand weaving tradition. Natural material

MATREC | Sustainable Materials & Trends

Material made of abaca fibre from the covering of the trunk of the plant. Each stem is cut into strips from which the pulp is extract, then washed and dried. It is used in the production of fashion accessories, fancy goods and as a substitute of the glass fibre in the automotive industry.

NABA1595 - MATREC Sustainable Materials & Trends

Bio-plastic from renewable raw materials, biodegradable, it complies with EN 14995 13432/EN for Europe, ASTM D6400 for the USA. Suitable for the creation of both disposable applications and durable goods, it is used in the production of objects.

BPL1644 - MATREC Sustainable Materials & Trends

WPC composite material made of certified fibres of pine and fir wood or cellulose certified fibres, thermoplastic starch, polyethylene or polypropylene obtained from starch or sugar cane or PLA.

NBPLWOO1815 - MATREC Sustainable Materials & Trends

Bio-rubber obtained from guayule, a hearty desert shrub native to the southwestern United States, by an aqueous extraction process that generates an emulsion. Is used as an alternative to petroleum-based synthetic materials.

NOTH1811 - MATREC Sustainable Materials & Trends