Silvia Ferrandes

Silvia Ferrandes

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DIY Wood + Copper Necklaces - I really like these, helpful to know about the copper cutter - Get one of the pens instead of paint (or both), and I think i've found a new necklace; even I can handle this one -

Image of Woven Rope Necklace with Porcelain #1

Sepia Beauty Neon Dip Rope Necklace

haha, i also came up with that tube-thingy for some necklaces and made my brother cut tubes from the hardware-store for me

Nebula Rope Necklace -

Nautical rope necklace/ bracelet

Nautical sailor's anchor bracelet New Haven by byMarisSal on Etsy

Lanno Bel Bracelet - Handmade in Brazil. Designed by Luisa Herculano

love this necklace SO much.

Set Necklace and bracelet Natural Linen green hornet by espurna88