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Cheap & easy idea for an advent calendar

Do your toilet paper rolls stack up like ours do? Well, there are brilliant toilet paper roll crafts for you to do with your kids. It& a great way to re-use them. We& rounded up 18 ways you can create awesome things with toilet paper rolls.

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Поделки из рулонов и трубочек от туалетной бумаги: 85 идей на фото

Rotating Craft Caddy - Reality Daydream Rotating Craft Caddy DIY Project step by step Tutorial . using PVC pipes and a lazy susan! You can easily do it yourself for craft supplies or kids art supplies!

It's listed under kids, but I could use about 5 of these for all the arts and crafts stuff!

a step up from the construction paper covered tin cans we used to make for pencil holders/diy

Whiff of Joy - Tutorials & Inspiration: Recycled snowflake decoration

Whiff of Joy - Tutorials Inspiration: Recycled snowflake decoration. This is a clever way to create rosette-type bases for a hanging decoration -- using recycled material!

Advent calendar from toilet paper rolls and scrapbook paper, LOVE IT

20 Unique DIY Advent Calendars You've Never Seen

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar - tie the ends so that no peeking ensues! Grande Grande Schloegel (Just in case you have extra toilet paper rolls!