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an owl painting with many different colors on it's face and two owls in the middle
Miroco Machiko III
machiko miroko http://www.uresica.com/gallery.html#map
an origami owl head on top of a green block
Origami by Roman Diaz
Holy Origami! LOVE owls:) https://www.luckyduckliving.com/shop-best-tees-ever/#!/~/product/category=3644289id=12774617 $38 plus FREE shipping #MadeInUSA #BestTeesEver
an owl is poking its head out of a cactus
Elf Owl Pictures, great pictures of elf owls in the outdoors
An Elf Owl makes its home in a Saguaro.
two owls sitting on top of each other
Nothing Here Is Right
Fluffy Owls Kissing <3
an owl sitting in a tree with its eyes closed
happy owl
Happy round owl.