Make a helicopter out of plastic straws, ping pong ball, pin, and plastic bottle. Fun craft activity for kids. pinned with Pinvolve -

make a helicopter out of plastic straws ping pong ball pin and plastic bottle fun craft activity for

In love.... you could do this with any favorite picture from your Walt Disney World Vacation!

There are so many button crafts for kids result in charming, handmade and gift-worthy items! Kids can make button ornaments, decorations, art and much more!

Milk Jug Igloo Video Tutorial

This milk jug igloo was part of a unit on snow. It took 3 weeks to collect the 428 milk jugs used to make the igloo. It is a built on a cardboard base and th.

Milk Jug Igloo Upcycle Is So Much Fun For Kids

Milk Jug Igloo Video Tutorial

An igloo made from milk cartons! So fun for winter (if you have the space & well-behaved students)