Shurhuq | Ospitalità Siciliana

Shurhuq | Ospitalità Siciliana

Avola / Shurhuq is a charming Bed&Breakfast located in Avola, in the South-Eastern Sicily
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Mt. Etna erupts, Sicily, Italy

Punta della Mola Siracusa Sicilia

Orecchio di Dionisio, Syracuse, Sicily Italy - acoustics were incredible

Fountain of the naiad (water nymph) Arethusa on Piazza Archimede, Ortygia Island, Syracuse, Sicily, Arethusa is the deity of the spring of Arethusa (Fonte Aretusa). Astrogeographic position. in spiritual water sign Pisces sign of mystification, the dream world, art & temples. 2nd coordinate in female air sign Libra sign of angels, harmony, decoration, beauty. Field level 4.

Sicilian lemon tree , Syracuse Sicily Italy

Syracuse, Sicily Italia #siracusa

Vendicari Natural Reserve, province of Siracusa - Sicily