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Stock Schlueter, Mill Works
some people are standing in front of an industrial structure
John Park
an oil painting of people walking in front of large industrial pipes and machinery that are being worked on
John Park
an oil painting of a factory by the water
Richard Boyer, Portland Loading Dock
an old rusted metal structure with pipes
carrie furnace | from the archives 09/2102...the carrie furn…
an artistic rendering of a futuristic city on top of a desert hill with lots of junk
霍比特小屋, SONG SONG
an old, rusty airplane sits on the ground next to a building that has been torn down
战争艺术—废墟, 许希铄 MICHAEL
an old, rusty fire hydrant sitting in front of a brick wall and pipe
there are many different types of pipes and gauges on this structure that is rusted
a painting of an old building with broken windows in the snow and trees around it
Watercolor artwork — Peter Jablokow
Watercolor artwork — Peter Jablokow
an oil painting of a factory with pipes and machinery
Watercolor Tip: How to Make Splatters with a Paintbrush - OutdoorPainter