La Maddalena

We grant the most romantic experience and unforgettable in our dream locations, in the most wonderful Italian island: Sardinia.

La Maddalena, Sardinia Italy

The archipelago of La Maddalena, situated at the North Eastern part of Sardinia, Italy

La Maddalena , Sardinia

La Maddalena , Sardinia : you can see the sea which divides the island from…

La Maddalena, Sardinia, Italy

The National Park of the Archipelago La Maddalena is a vast and protected geomarine Park composed of a group of seven islands situated to the north-east of Sardinia.Go Eco and visit the National Pa…

Santorini, Greece! Spectacular!

Santorini - An amazing Greek island. I dream of this place often. There is always a blue door in my dream.