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Shelby McHugh

Shelby McHugh
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Tinker Bell Gets a Punked-Out Makeover For Halloween: If you've ever seen Peter Pan, you know that Tinker Bell needs a serious attitude adjustment.

The original Tinker Bell sported a chic topknot, but this goth girl goes for two buns à la Miley Cyrus. Color the ends with green hair chalk like

Rey Costume – Part 1 (The Basics) – Two Nerds and a Glue Gun

I went to see The Force Awakens with low expectations. (I mean, I saw the prequel trilogy. And I absolutely loved Rey. It wasn’t long into the movie that I decide…

This Rey costume can be made with just a few simple materials! {} Easy DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Who knew it was so easy to make a DIY Star Wars Rey Costume? This is easy and inexpensive! Try this for Halloween.