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Vintage posters and small format vintage graphics from I Desire Vintage Posters. Most of the antique vintage posters are 80 or 90 years old, but many of them over 100 years of age.


This vertical Italian poster features a stem glass being filled by a seltzer bottle on a tray with a bottle of liquor. Beautiful Vintage Posters Reproductions Classic posters by Marcello Nizzoli Campari l'aperitivo France

ITALIAN FOOD at Food in the Arts

Famous Leonetto Cappiello Italian pasta ad Poster created by aapshop. Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.



1930 italian poster

When it comes to fine italian wine, the regions of Italy might come to mind, with their lush, rolling hills where the finest grapes are still hand-picked


This vertical Italian culinary / food poster features a white fork and spoon on a blue background with different pasta pieces. The Vintage Poster Reproduction from our catalogue of classic posters. Barilla by Carboni 1935 Italy La pasta del buon appetito


Günther Kieser is a German graphic designer and sculptor. In the he made an impact on poster design for the German Jazz Festival Frankfurt, events of the concert agency Lippmann and Rau, and also work for the jazz label Blue Note.

Jean D''Ylen, 1935, Vintage French Poster

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