Noi non vediamo le cose come sono, noi vediamo le cose come siamo.

Don't hate, emulate.

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No need to say everything you think, but it's essential to think about everything you say

Enjoy the silence. Use it mercilessly. It is the most powerful weapon you have, more cruel than any words. GP. De Felice

Chuk Palahniuk - Non sai mai .. Una frase che sento mia! Soprattutto quando l'essere forte ti fa vedere quale sia l'unica scelta possibile ♥♥♥

You never had nor wanted a grip talk is fucking cheap your gonna be just a bunch a splunk filled hit it and get it chicks just another mistake along a long highway littered with them at least this one didn't cost to much

22 Pets Who Have No Intention Of Letting You Read Your Book

A house is not a home without books and cats

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