The Angel of the Annunciation, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri known as Guercino

The Angel of the Annunciation, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri known as Guercino:

Angelo annunciante di Filippino Lippi nella Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva Piazza della Minerva 42, Roma, Italia

LIPPI, Filippino Italian Early Renaissance Chapel - Annunciation detail shows the Annunciate Angel from the altarpiece.

The Annunciating Angel Gabriel by Melozzo da Forli

The Angel of the Annunciation Melozzo da Forli China Oil Paintings Wholesale 29782

The Annunciation, Tilman Riemenschneider, c. 1485 - c. 1487

Annunciation/ De verkondiging aan Maria, Tilman Riemenschneider, ca. 1485 - ca.

marcuscrassus: ““Carlo Dolci - The Angel of the Annunciation [c.1653] ” ”

The Angel of Annunciation Carlo Dolci (Italian, Oil on canvas. Dolci captured detail in lavish textiles, jewelry, and the face and hands. His evangelist portraits display his typical polished surface.

Simone Martini Paintings | image simone martini the annunciation with st margaret and st asano ...

Image: Simone Martini - The Annunciation with St. Asano, detail of the Archangel Gabriel

Glyn Warren Philpot (British, 1884–1937), "Angel of the Annunciation", 1925 | by sofi01

'The Angel of the Annunciation' by Glyn Philpot, 1925 (oil on canvas, 112 x cm)

The Ghent Altarpiece (detail)

Jan van Eyck, Flemish, The Ghent Altarpiece: Angel of the Annunciation (detail), Oil on wood. Cathedral of St Bavo, Ghent.