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Miraculous Ladybug gif release for season Oh my gods I think Master Fu is gonna teach Marinette some extra stuff she can do with her powers damn I'm excited

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marinette-adrien: “ miraculousmidnight: “ I honestly can’t with this picture ” It’s in HD *heavy breathing * ”

Piccolo "riassuntino" su "cos'è" la serie ;)  Raccolta di punti di og… #casuale # Casuale # amreading # books # wattpad

LET ADRIEN EAT 😂 << I ACTUALLY got sad during this episode when Marinettes dad kept bringing up food that Marinette kept turning down but Adrien wanted it so bad 😭😭😭

Miraculous ladybug  #miraculousladybug

I just now thought of about that if he can here out of his cat ears what other hidden powers does cat noir and what kinda of hidden powers does ladybug have


poor Chat he was so scared for her thinking she died, so cute

Marinette se da cuenta del amor de Adrien a Ladybug, decepcionada decide dejar de pensar en el, alguien logra entrar en...

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