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“Teeth!” | drawing tips by Normand Lemay* Blog/Website | ( ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES ( invites you to support the Artists and Studios featured here by buying this and other artworks in their official online stores • Find us on | | learn more about #concept #art #animation #anime #comics || ★

grizandnorm: “ Tuesday Tips - TEETH! Always a good tool to have in your “drawing arsenal”. In general, less is more. The less you pay attention to the individual teeth, the better. But, sometimes, a certain character or situation will call upon your.

Jared convention panel - "Listen, I would never wear jeans without a belt." Jared Padalecki - Supernatural

Fan: "How do you feel about this, Jared?" *shows a horrid shirtless manip of Jared: "Listen, I never wear jeans without a belt." -- Jared, always keeping it classy with his answers.

Supernatural - The Road So Far << Can someone give me the names of Sam's hookups? I don't remember there being nearly that many.

Supernatural: "The Road So Far" stat chart for seasons >>> this is awesome. It's amusing, yes, but seriously, someone's got WAY too much time on their hands!