Pegboard Flip Book Storage

Get Organized With These Simple DIY Rotating Peg Boards

Pegboard Flip Book Storage-- This is an ingenious idea that I'm sure quite a few households would find as a useful organization system in their garage.

Very Helpful

Jump Start a Car

Headed to the Beach? Check Out These 7 Beach Trip Hacks!

Headed to the Beach? Check Out These 7 Beach Trip Hacks!

Headed to the Beach? Check Out These 7 Beach Trip Hacks! - Tap the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis & Jewelry!

Refrigerator cleaning and organizing

Refrigerator cleaning and organizing (Unclutterer)

What a great idea! Refrigerator cleaning & organizing - expand your refrigerator space with a cupboard plate organizer.

Una nostra amica ci invia questo bellissimo tutorial corredato di foto della sua realizzazione, un bellissimo carrello da cucina creato con vecchie cassette della frutta. Visto il grande successo dell’articolo 12 idee per riutilizzare vecchie cassette della frutta in stile … Continua a leggere →

A shelving with casters - possible use of my material (cast polyamide) for the casters

11 Awesome Hacks To Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

11 Ways To Make Your Car Cleaner Than It's Ever Been

Easy Fix Car Scratches with WD-40

You can thank a Russian guy for showing us how to remove scratches on cars in this amazing video clip, using the spray. And we are definitely trying it! We pretty sure you have at least one spray forgotten somewhere in your garage or basement,