Castelli Romani, near Rome

Castelli Romani: green, lakes, parks and history just few km far frome Rome.
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the water is very blue and green in this photo, as seen through some trees
Lago di Albano
Albano lake
the water is so clear that it looks like they are floating on land or in the ocean
Lago di Albano
The lake
several people sitting on motorcycles in a parking lot next to parked cars and motorbikes
Lago di Albano
Raduno al lago
the view from inside a house looking out onto a lake
Lago di Albano
Albano Lake
a red motorcycle parked next to a building with flowers growing on it's sides
Dining Out Italian Style by hjaynefoster | Redbubble
Castel Gandolfo, Lake Albano,
a large flower display in the middle of a street with people standing around it and onlookers watching
Genzano di Roma
Cittadina dei Castelli Romani
an old iron fence overlooking a city and hills
Panoramic spots
Panoramic spots -
the sun shines on some trees and bushes in front of a hillside with houses
Wineries -
the view from inside a house looking out onto a lake
Castel Gandolfo
Lago Castel Gandolfo
a scenic view from the top of a hill
Lariano, vedura dal Monte Artemisio
some very pretty rocks with water coming out of the cracks in it's sides
Nelle viscere dell'emissario del lago di Nemi.
an old town is perched on the side of a hill with lots of green trees
a scenic view of the lake and mountains from an overlook point on a sunny day
Castel Gandolfo
Castel Gandolfo nel Roma, Lazio