Cordon bleu di melanzane in padella o al forno. Buone e saporite, piacciono a grandi e piccini con il loro ripieno di preosciutto e mozzarella.
Black Venere & Basmati Rice Timballo with Grilled Vegetables & Shrimps @Rowena Dumlao Giardina (Apron and Sneakers)
LOW CARB: Burrata - a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. You make it yourself, and it is DIVINE!
Traditional Italian Zabaglione (Zabaione o Zabaglione) | Enjoy this authentic Italian recipe from our kitchen to yours. Buon Appetito!
Tuna Crudo with Pickled Watermelon Recipe - Fresh from the ocean, sushi grade tuna served simply with a dollop of quick pickled watermelon, red onion and mint. Unbelievable! -
Carpaccio de pulpo. Octopus Carpaccio
Sicilian Orange Salad More
white bean puttanesca with garlic bread
Tyrolese Canederli (northern Italian dumplings)
Sicilian Cassata Ricotta Cake | Recipe by Mondomulia

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Slow cooker coq au vin |      This takes a little more effort than some slow cooker recipes but it's well worth the effort. Serve with good crusty bread or mashed potatoes.
Layered potato casserole (rakott krumpli) | Essentially an Hungarian potato bake, this comfort food recipe includes Csabai sausages, available from European delicatessens. Serve it as a side dish to roast meats.
Kale and potato soup with chorizo (caldo verde) | Kale has become quite popular in recent times, and developed a healthy food reputation. It is available in most large supermarkets. Here, kale and chorizo are added to a hearty Portuguese potato soup recipe.
Roman-style semolina gnocchi (gnocchi alla Romana) | As Easter normally falls in April, Italian food writer Pellegrino Artusi’s reliable suggestions for this month’s Italian menu consist of plenty of dishes that you could traditionally find on an Easter table, including the ones that Italians call magro or lean. In other words, fish or vegetables but no meat, the diet to be followed on Good Friday. Among a list of some of my favourite spring dishes, such as artichoke tart, broad beans…
White Bean Puttanesca Recipe with a Quick Garlic Bread Recipe too! Easy and healthy too!
Sicilian Orange Salad
Braised potatoes with Maltese sausage | In this recipe rounds of potato are filled with Maltese sausage and gently braised in an aromatic sauce. This is classic comfort food but with such beautiful presentation it makes an impressive entree.
Baked sweet potato | This is a Southern soul food dish that is simple to make and so satisfying. Making this is more of an old-school process than an exact recipe; we have made rough suggestions but follow your instincts and taste as you go.
Corned beef hash
Best beef stroganoff | Beef stroganoff to a Russian is like a carbonara to an Italian. Something we just whip up without a recipe in little time using very few ingredients. The outcome is always the same – immediate bliss followed by a food coma. And if you follow a few simple rules, you will make the best stroganoff around. First off, beef quality is paramount; avoid stewing beef and buy the best steak you can afford (you only need 500 grams). If steak is too expensive, buy more affordable…