Neverending, constant flow of apps. Almost endless. Aimed at business people, students who could be considering an iphone. Uses surrealism, the apps can't really be "endless".

This is cool, the escalator has been turned to look like an iPhone screen with a whole range of apps. This is advertising apples endless apps. It would be hard to miss this whilst you are travelling up the escalator.

Smart ideas for Smarter cities #graphic design, its like advertising, bench and bus shelter , hello huge advertising opportunities

IBM Smart ideas for smarter cities. IBM campaign from Ogilvy & Mather France. Outdoor advertising becomes urban street furniture.

Advertising inspiration, pasta fireworks by Barilla

Creative food advertisments

This New year ad for the pasta brand Barilla is really interesting. Having the spaghetti coming out of the page, exploding like a firework is definitely a new approach to a pasta ad.

Creative advertising | #1105

Creative advertising

Lego Vincent Van Gogh self portrait. Lego Masters in Pixel Art

este puedeservir de idea para una marca de cutters o cuchillas para crafts como de una tienda de articulos de artistas..  25 Creative and Brilliant Advertisement Design Examples for your inspiration. Follow us

How to Improve Your Social Media Ads Using Brain Science : Social Media Examiner

Heinz Tomato Ketchup This ad shows the need to satisfy curiosity. It shows this by having the ketchup bottle look like slices of tomatoes. Which satisfies the curiosity that it is made with real tomatoes.

Advertising for Jeep | #advertisement


Nice little advert for Jeep by Dannish agency Bates Y&R. The Jeep parking space event took place over a few weeks in the spring of 2007 in Copenhagen. The main objective being to make the Jeep brand part of the urban enviroment in a surprising way.

Guerrilla Advertising "Siemens"

The Outdoor Advert titled THE REVOLVING DOORS POSTER was done by Scholz & Friends Hamburg advertising agency for product: Siemens Mixer Mq 9555 (brand: Siemens) in Germany.

caramelle Rossana- believe it or not they are super popular in Costa Rica. People loves these down here.

caramelle Rossana- believe it or not they are super popular in Costa Rica. People loves these down here.

Unconventional Outdoor Advertising Guerrilla Marketing Photo "Meister Proper"

Unconventional Outdoor Advertising

A small collection of some of my favorite clever street marketing ideas. Great creative inspiration for your own ideas!

L’Ambient Advertising è un modo “non convenzionale” di fare pubblicità, la cosa bella dell’ Ambient Advertising è che si può proporre in qualsiasi luogo, soprattutto in quelli che meno ci aspettiamo.

Kit Kat Chunky

Great urban outdoor advertising by Kit Kat: Have a break have a Kit Kat (bench) Agency: JWT, London Here’s another cool KitKat bench: Related