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Siena, however, is also known for its hospitality towards other Italian traditions, as evidenced by Girogustando, the event which from 12 years liven up the dinners of gourmets thanks to menus full of Italian delicacies.


Top Italian cuisine in Siena restaurants

Negli ultimi anni si è risvegliato un diffuso interesse nei confronti della Via Francigena e molti viaggiatori si sono incamminati lungo questo sentiero per scoprire alcune località da una prospettiva differente rispetto al viaggiatore interessato alle principali destinazioni turistiche. La Via Francigena collega Roma a Canterbury, perciò in genere si preferisce esplorarne solo alcuni tratti o soggiornare in una zona strategica per potersi spostare agevolmente. La Toscana è perfetta per qu

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Italy is the favorite country by gourmet travelers from around the world: this is the news that emerges from the latest report of the World Food Travel Association, which annually realizes the most authoritative study in the food & wine tourism field.

Favorite destinations in Italy by gourmet travelers

Vinitaly, the world’s largest wine fair

In the Turin’s dialect, it means “small glass”: the bicerin is Turin’s typical beverage, whose recipe has been handed down since 1700.

Bicerin coffee, the traditional hot drink of Turin

Chi ha detto che mangiare è una cosa seria? Ogni tanto il desiderio di “farlo strano” può riguardare anche una bella cenetta, e di certo nel nostro paese non mancano ristoranti bizzarri dove vivere una food experience fuori dal comune.

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When you are traveling to Italy, it’s better to discover local traditions than going to an international restaurant or a fast-food, because the Belpaese is worldwide renowned for its food culture, a product of two arts: the art of cooking and the art of eating. This post is focused on eating and is the result of collaboration with Italcult, a webmagazine devoted to the greatest Italian masterpieces in art, design, tourism, fashion and lifestyle.

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Since we are in the period of Carnival is a must to taste the sweets as cenci fritti, rectangles of sweet puff pastry fried and covered with powdered sugar. This typical Carnival sweet is similar to other specialties spread throughout Italy and represents a link with the masks because the shape of cenci reminds to a piece of cloth, as the fabric used for Carnival dresses.

Siena food specialties to eat in winter

The starred chefs are the ambassadors of gourmet in the world, for this reason the golden rule is to choose a restaurant also based on to the chef. In Italy there is plenty of choice, but in the time of talent shows like Masterchef we rely on charts, prizes, international awards, because we see the chefs as movie stars, characters who reveal the secrets of the gourmand cuisine.

Best Italy Restaurants