Lavori con Richiami & Tipici della mia terra la Sicilia

In questa bacheca troverete oggetti che possono diventare complementi di arredo che rappresentano la sicilia o in qualche decoro o che sono proprio tipici della…
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a boat floating in the ocean at sunset with waves and sun on it's horizon
the dragon ball z character is shown in three different poses, with an orange banner above it
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two pieces of jewelry are being held in someone's hand, one is yellow and the other is blue
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a purple and yellow fish with black eyes on it's face, sitting on a white surface
Peces, figuras de animales elaborados con Foamy.
several ceramic masks are sitting on a table
some red candies in plastic bags on a table
three sun and moon shaped dishes on a plate
a glass shelf with a decorative object on it's top and other items in the background
two black and white vases sitting on top of a table
a ceramic sculpture of a woman's face on white paper
a ceramic figurine sitting on top of white paper
a pair of earrings with oranges and hotdogs on them sitting in a box
Orecchini "cassata siciliana"
a plastic bag filled with lots of candy