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Sardinia, bronze sculpture representing a warrior


Nuraghe, ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia, developed during the Nuragic Age between 1900 and 730 BCE. Style of facade to use for brickwork


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Arciere nuragico in bronzo - Giganti di Mont'e Prama

The Giants of Monte Prama are ancient stone sculptures created by the Nuragic civilization of Sardinia, Italy. Fragmented into numerous pieces, they were found by accident in March 1974, in farmland near Monte Prama, in the comune of Cabras, province of Oristano, in central-western Sardinia. The statues are carved in local sandstone and their height varies between 2 and 2.5 meters.

Giganti di Monte Prama - Cabras, Sardinia, Sardegna, Nuragic Age

Il sole e la luna - Monte Accoddì - Sardinia

Nuraghe Tower Ruins And Giant Flower Sardinia Sardegna Italy

Il sole e la luna - Monte Accoddì - Sardegna

Dolmen de Sa Coveccada (Mores), Sardaigne. Italia