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a young boy climbing up the side of a building
mt-a – Mario Toraldo – Atelier di architettura
Una scala in lamiera traforata – MT-A
there is a white stair case with wooden handrails
balaustra bianca in ferro verniciato
an image of a glass railing on the stairs
ringhiera in vetro
an empty room with wooden floors and railings
Quercia Contorta Sbiancata
Quercia Contorta Sbiancata effetto olio - Spazzolata Vissuta
a white room with some shelves and a fire hydrant
Gårdslägenheterna står nu klara!
frames - balustrade
a room with white walls and wooden flooring on the wall is shown in an instagram
Gårdslägenheterna står nu klara!
want to do this on my stairs railing
several strings hang from the side of a wooden wall
Cabin Haugen
Cabin Haugen