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a woman's arm with a black and yellow tattoo design on the left forearm
Danielle Rose (OTR) (@daniellerosetattoo)
a woman's left side behind the ear has a cross and moon tattoo on it
Celebrity Tattoos | Steal Her Style
a black and white photo of a bat on the side of a woman's stomach
10 Witchy Tattoo Artists Slinging Enchanted Ink
Leslie Karin
two people with tattoos on their hands and one is holding the other's hand
See this Instagram photo by @taticompton • 7,671 likes
a woman's hand with a tattoo on it
sean from texas
a person with a tattoo on their arm
aleksandrageev Tattoo
a person's hand with a tattoo on it and the moon in the sky
LUCENT Seoul KOREA Tattooing and Travel tattooistildo@gmail.com KaKao ID btiworks
a black and white photo of a person with a knife in his hand on the arm
10 Dark Blackwork Evil Goat Tattoos
Blackwork Goat Tattoo by Carina Alok goat goattattoo goattattoos blackworkgoat…
two black and white tattoos on legs with an animal's head in the middle
Sinister Visions: Blackwork Tattoos by Robert Borbas
Robert Borbas, Tattoo - goat
a man with tattoos on his chest has an eagle and demon tattoo on it's chest
Tattoos by Virginia Elwood
Virginia Elwood. Contemporary Americana.
a woman's lower back with a goat head tattoo on her stomach and the moon above it
An underbust tattoo on an awesome long time client of mine! Thanks @phoenixxfirebird! #bishoprotary #eternalink #dynamicink #realism #blackandgrey #sternumtattoo #underbust #underboob #coloradotattoers #fossiltattoo #satan #goat #tattoosofinstagram #beautifultattoos #beadwork
an old drawing of a woman riding on the back of a horse next to trees
Private Site
Witch on a goat, from a German postcard. I've got to stop making a new board for everything that interests me. Maybe I need (at least one more) on my own cultural heritage and the devastation it wreaked on women...
a man with a goat head tattoo on his back
See this Instagram photo by @ilwolhongdam • 1,772 likes
a person with a goat tattoo on their thigh
"Black Phillip" the goat from "The Witch" on Holly yesterday! Wedged between some cool tattoos by @simonerl and @fidjit Thank you so much !