Geos Stripes & Lines

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an orange, blue and white striped tile pattern with vertical stripes on the bottom half of it
Textile design, 1923-24, Gouache on paper, Private Collection
a piece of art that is made out of different colors and shapes, including stripes
Proof Rug (Beige, White Brown, Red, 2 x 1.4m) by Rug Culture
a green and white striped wallpaper with pink strips on it's edges,
Anni Check Pillow Cover - Etsy
an abstract painting with different colors and lines
11 website color schemes to help you find the perfect palette - 99designs
Soviet Wallpaper, Fashion Web Design, Rugs Ideas, Printed Rug, Bauhaus Style, Texture Images, Tufted Cushion, Material Textures
Signatures Collections - La Galerie Diurne, l'excellence de l'art et de l'artisanat
Estilo Farm, Ropa Upcycling, Look Boho Chic, Embroidered Bodice, Embroidered Midi Dress, Look Boho, African Inspired Fashion, Midi Maxi Dress, Farm Rio
Extraordinary Stripes Embroidered Lenzing™ Ecovero™ Viscose Midi Dress