Sergio Bonalume

Sergio Bonalume

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A beautifully designed staircase that blends old and new. The brick wall is actually the side of a 1950s chimney. The staircase uses thick wood slab treads that seem to float on the white painted steel stringer. Best of all, the transparent glass banister lets the beauty of the stairs shine through.

Una casa di montagna rivisitata conservandone i canoni caratteristici e…

Escada que degraus se transformam em gavetasa

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Utiliza cestas de mimbre para guardar todas tus cosas inútiles.

Clever staircase storage by Banphrionsa - definitely need a railing or something (could be dangerous with children...)

#Construir es el ARTE de CReAR Infraestructura... #CReOConstrucciones y #Remodelaciones.

We like the idea of the staircase being painted white. Good to have storage under stairs or even study nook under stairs.

Skemabox, chimenea con cajón para madera...