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I’m a big fan of black garden walls, especially in small spaces. Contrary to the popular opinion that dark walls make a space feel smaller, they can actually expand the space visually by fading into oblivion. If you are a doubter, look up at the night sky; you’ll see what I mean. Additionally, black walls can bring a crisp, sophisticated, contemporary or elegant vibe to your. From…

Garden Design Ideas : Creating two levels of hedging by underplanting the raised hedge: a formal low-clipped boxwood hedge under the raised hedge of Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin'. Both are evergreen, creating great year-round interest.

9 ideas for little outdoors - Turquoise little balcony

We often face the problem of lack of space, buying or renting a home you can get a small bathroom, a small kitchen, bedroom, balcony or terrace.