Bacon Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll

Bacon Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll

cajun chickpea cauliflower burger

Cajun chickpea cauliflower burger - Uses plant based yogurt. - Looking for Hair Extensions to refresh your hair look instantly? KINGHAIR® only focus on premium quality remy clip in hair. Visit - - for more details

The Average Lifespan of Each Food Depending On How It Is Stored | Canning, Food…

Food Storage Tips

Useful shelflife infographic to reduce food waste. Foods unopened, uncut or uncooked - unless stated otherwise - and their shelf life in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

A Guide to Perfect Beer and Pizza Pairings

A Guide to Perfect Beer and Pizza Pairings

Beer is great and pizza is amazing, but when you have both at the same time it’s one of the best meals known to man. Still, the subtle, nuanced flavors of different beers can be even better with the right pizza pairing.

Layered Chocolate Mud Cake for Mother’s Day

A layered chocolate mud cake with a delicious raspberry frosting and a milk chocolate buttercream on the outside. Deceptively simple to make.

Brownie Bowl Sundaes

Dreyer’s Super Sundae Brownie Bowl: Here’s an easy way to push your already extraordinary Dreyer’s ice cream sundae over the top! It's a fresh-baked brownie bowl! You don’t have to wash the bowl! You get to eat it!

DIY Frozen Rhodes Rolls

DIY Rhodes Rolls

DIY Frozen Rhodes Rolls - tells how to use your own recipe to make rolls and freeze before baking - take out what you need - My Kitchen Escapades