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Remember ditch the people who use you, they aren't friends they're 'USERS' and will abandon you as soon as you've served your purpose

You're giving relationship benefits to someone who doesn't want to be in a realtionship with you...& that's pure madness. Chaos for the soul, destruction to the heart.

I+just+know+that+somewhere+out+there+is+a+tall,+handsome,+slightly+unshaven,+tattooed+man+with+a+big+dick+who+likes+cuddling+as+much+as+I+do! hahahhaaaaa

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I don't know what "we" are. Sometimes I feel like were really close but then on other days you treat me like I'm just an acquaintance or some sort of unwanted stranger.

Never going back to this again. It's all or nothing.

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for some reason this is cute

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