Saverio Diomedi

Saverio Diomedi

Saverio Diomedi
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Giant bird, "Gaston's Bird", Diatryma gigantea

Another huge, extinct bird: The Diatryma. Up to 9 feet tall, with a head the size of a horse. (I'm thinking it would be an enemy in the dinosaur/post-Babel game idea I'm toying with.

Ammonite living

This is a collection of book covers produced for a children's book series on prehistoric animals. I do own the copyright to all of these images.

Ancyloceras as a passive predator, by Emiliano Troco

antediluvianechoes: “ Ancyloceras, Emiliano Troco, 2013 There is something frightening about listless predation. When the morning sun illuminated the trench, the ammonites began to sink. They had fed.

"Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous" at the National Geographic Museum

The timing of the National Geographic Museum’s newest exhibit, Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous, is rather auspicious — for them and for us. Just months after the dinosaurs .