"Bitter Campari" - Adolf Hohenstein, 1901

Antichi Manifesti

Vintage Italian Posters ~ ~ Adolfo Hohenstein, Campari, remember drinking this when I visited Italy

Heineken 1

Vintage Heineken Ad’s To celebrate its anniversary, Heineken has opened up its archives and invited people to re-design its old advertisements. Here’s a look at some of their vintage print.

l’arte della cucina poster design contest celebrates barilla sauce in italian cuisine

barilla hosts the 'l’arte della cucina' poster design competition, created to generate novel expressions of barilla sauce.

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Vintage poster: perfume Chanel No. 5 ad from / Ancienne affiche publicitaire parfum

…..Frans Mettes 'Heineken’, 1953…….

Frans Mettes ’Heineken’, 1953 - Heineken - Corporate Storytelling - Powered by…