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#進撃の巨人 進撃らくがき - のいのマンガ #リヴァハン #ハンジ・ゾエ #格好いい分隊長 - pixiv
Hanji and Levi // AoT
two comics with one saying i'm not even you have souls and the other is
Levihan family/O.o.....this kid is something else, just look Hanji's and Levi's face, it's like a train press them.
an image of a comic strip with two people talking to each other
Oh god
some sketches of people talking to each other
Drinkyourfuckingmilk tumblr part 1
three sketches of people with different facial expressions, one is wearing glasses and the other has an
Drinkyourfuckingmilk tumblr part 2
a comic strip showing two women laying on a bed with their arms around each other
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"Nhhhh~..." She nuzzled his shoulder in her sleep, yawning while hugging him tightly.