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water droplets are on the branches of a tree in front of a blue sky background
Imbolc ★ Candlemas ★ Awaken
a wooden bridge that is in the water on a foggy day with no people
Reminds me of the swinging bridge we crossed in Canada!
a bridge that has some wires on it and the words above it are written in spanish
0rient-express: Foggy bridge | by Evgen Andruschenko.
fog is covering the water and trees in the distance
couleur bleu
the sun shines through the foggy sky over a body of water with trees in the foreground
a foggy forest filled with lots of trees covered in red flowers and leaves on the branches
Sognitudine, raccolta di alcuni pensieri di una ragazza andata via troppo presto
Nebbia che tutto copri, il mio amore non puoi oscurare. Eclissi di ogni tempo, la mia luna non potete eclissare.
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More and More Pin: Earrings
rain drops on the leaves of a tree
Foto e fornelli - Part 2
Water drops on leaf. - credit to:
some very pretty plants with tiny blue flowers
a drawing of a woman in a dress and hat
Marfy Cartamodelli d’Alta Moda – Italia
cartamodello Abiti 3153
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Abito di Givenchy 1956 Gowns, The Dress, Victorian Dress, Dress History, 1950 Dress, Dress Details, Vintage Dresses, Dress, Vestidos
It’s revival time… for Vintage Fashion!
Abito di Givenchy 1956
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4 Hairstyles for Dirty Hair - Twist Me Pretty
cozy cable knit socks Winter, Socks, Crochet, Cable Knit Socks, Cozy Socks, Knee High Sock, Knitting Socks, Sock
cozy cable knit socks