Azzurro sorriso di luna

Tanzanian Diadem Butterfly (Hypolimnas antevorta) endemic to the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania

Myscelia cyraniris

~~Butterfly: Tropical Blue Wave Myscelia Cyraniris by I remember my grandmother's tray of wings.

Bellissime *-*

_ I have a pair of earrings like it~~: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterflies Dragonflies Moths, Blue Butterfly, Flutterby, Blue Mountain

Use this as a sample for Copic coloring of a stamped butterfly.

Blue Morpho butterfly (Morpho menelaus) Released them at my wedding, at Butterfly Falls in Belize! This brilliant blue butterfly can be found in the rain forests of South America (Brazil & Guyana).

12744744_1001223303284418_263160663375292608_n.jpg (637×637)

12744744_1001223303284418_263160663375292608_n.jpg (637×637)